Selective Process

The selective process of PPGSAT is carried out annually by means of an announcement, according to the current norms of the UFBA, approved in collegiate, published on the program page and widely disclosed in the network of UFBA. The selective process is carried out in stages. The applicant carries out registrations for the English language Proficiency test phase and specific knowledge. Those approved in two Presential exams will participate in the second phase of interviews.

In the act of registration are required of the applicant all the documents below in two copies:

Copies of the identity card and CPF/Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN); Payment Bank voucher (original) of registration fee for selection of postgraduate courses (Master's), plus a photocopy; Proof of having completed higher education/Diploma-school history of the upper course; Voter's title with proof of the last vote; Proof of discharge with electoral justice; Curriculum vitae (model Lattes/CNPq) (one copy), with vouchers; The unsubstantiated information will not be considered in the evaluation; Registration form duly completed in Word format by the applicant, solely responsible for the information provided; Preliminary dissertation project (second scheme proposed in the folder/site) (one copy); Proof of discharge with the military service; Two 3x4 photos.
The preliminary research project presented must be compatible with one of the research lines of the various concentration areas of the program, available on the site. The annual number of entranders is determined by the collegiate, taking into account the ability to orientate teachers.