Profile for Egressa

Master degree with competence to work in teaching area at various levels of training, able to work in research activities, planning, implementation, development, management and evaluation of public policies and technologies in the area of health, environment and Work, which has a critical and propo-sitive posture in the field in which it is inserted or comes to enter. It is also hoped that this egress will continue to be interested in new academic steps and that the  "study " is part of its perspectives. Besides the technical qualification, it is expected that the graduates have an ethical performance, being daily aware of the vulnerability of specific groups and regions historically assaulted by the various forms of pollutant action and by work processes that Expropriate the health of these groups. In addition to these professional, technical, scientific and ethical competencies, PPGSAT believes that most of its graduates should acquire a broader vision as citizens, people more capable of thinking life, doing and redoing.