General objective

To raise awareness regarding the relationship between Health, Environment and Work by interacting with government and non-government agencies acting in the field, particularly regarding training of professors, researchers and professionals coming from different areas of knowledge interested in and committed to acting in their areas of expertise, by helping them in the development of their skills, allying technical competence, and critical analysis of upcoming situations built on the basis of high ethical standards.

Specific objectives

  • To enable professionals to plan, implement, develop, manage and assess social and political policies as well as technologies in the field of Health, Environment and Work, taking into account the epidemiological, economic, legal, institutional, and socio-anthropological scenarios;
  • To train professionals to teach at several educational levels;
  • To raise professional awareness and scientific enthusiasm, motivating professionals to integrate research groups;
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge on health, environment and work issues among professionals of the National Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde), research interlocutors, government and non-government organizations, particularly those concerned with the development and the implementation of practices related to Preventive Health, Environment and Work. 


The profile of the alumni

Alumni that have earned Masters degrees are competent to teach at several educational levels, to conduct research, planning, implementation, development, management and assessment of activities of public and technological policies in the area of Health, Environment and Work. They are trained to take critical and pre-emptive stands in the areas which they specialize in. Alumni are expected continue to develop and to develop new academic paths through lifelong learning. In addition to the technical qualification, the PPGSAT expects its alumni to have high ethical standards, being aware of the vulnerable populations, and regions historically affected by polluting activities and work-related processes that impact health.

Beyond those professional, technical, scientific and ethic competences, the PPGSAT believes that most of its alumni will leave the program with a broader sense of life as citizens, as men and women who are more capable of thinking about life, as a constant flow of building and rebuilding themselves.